Personal Sunshine

A personal ray of sunshine that brings a positive outlook to any situation.

Personal Sunshine is a Character Upgrade that instantly brings a positive outlook to your day with a ray of sunshine over your head, following you everywhere. This sunshine reminds you that all is well, and you shine that knowledge out into your world. All that you see is illuminated with positivity. You are sure that all of your goals are easily in the process of coming into being. It’s simply the greatest feeling.

Note: This is an upgrade to the Reality Hacker OS journal. Don't have the journal yet? Start here or use it on its own.


One gloomy morning as you are exploring the hills of an ancient countryside, you pause to reflect on the many concerns, irritations and disappointments that are crossing your mind.

“Boy, I wish today didn’t feel so... dreary...”

Suddenly, a ray of sunshine pierces the clouds above, instantly bathing your face in warmth. You look around and notice the surrounding environment is still dark and gloomy; it is only you that this curious ray of sunshine is bathing.

Shrugging, you take a deep breath, appreciating the positivity this little ray of personal sunshine is illuminating within you...


The Personal Sunshine Upgrade comes with:

  • A guided Activation meditation to activate this upgrade (you may use it once or any time you'd like a boost)
  • A printable guide for how to use this upgrade with your Reality Hacker OS journal and everyday manifesting
  • A cheatsheet guide to carry with you in your journal for easy reference
  • A process to use for your lifetime for bringing more positivity, joy and well-being into each and every day

Note: This is a digital download


The Personal Sunshine is on sale now as an instant download. Get started today. Use it with your Reality Hacker Journal, or on its own.


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