Slow time so you can connect more deeply with those you love.

Slow-Mo is a character upgrade that slows time so you are able to connect more deeply to the present moment and those you are sharing it with. Once activated, you will experience a deeper sense of connection and peace, as the moment expands into a blissful container for perfect harmony to unfold. Expect your relationships to improve, as your connection deepens and love transforms.


You step outside the house. Suddenly, a strange object plummets from the sky, a direct hit that shatters the face of your watch and bounces to the ground.

As you examine the damage to your watch face, you see that all on its own, it’s reassembling itself. The pieces of glass are melding back into place. The numbers on the watch are again visible, but they seem different. The seconds seem to be changing... slower somehow.

You realize that your usual “in a rush” feeling is totally gone. Though the world looks the same, you feel that your place in time has slowed. Thinking about your day, you feel a strong sense of love and admiration rising within you.

Suddenly, everything feels totally harmonious and free...


The Slow Mo Upgrade comes with:

  • A guided Activation meditation to activate this upgrade (you may use it once or any time you'd like a boost)
  • A printable guide for how to use this upgrade with your Reality Hacker OS journal and everyday manifesting
  • A cheatsheet guide to carry with you in your journal for easy reference
  • A process to use for your lifetime for slowing down, connecting, and awakening intimacy in your relationships 

Note: This is a digital download


Slow Mo is on sale now as an instant download. Get started today. Use it with your Reality Hacker Journal, or on its own.


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