Supercharge your manifesting power.

Amplify the potency of your manifesting power with Force Amplifier technology. Just strap the device on and watch your power reach a whole new level.

Note: This is an upgrade to the Reality Hacker OS journal. Don't have the journal yet? Start here or use it on its own.


The blue gem glows with a pulse that seems alive...

A new belt has joined your toolbag. This belt has a gleaming blue gem on it. You know it’s powerful magic as you strap it around your waist and connect the clips.

Putting on the Force Amplifier belt activates it, supercharging your manifesting power immediately. All perceived obstacles immediately vanish, and the strength of your creative mind has been turned up to 11. Nothing can stand in your way!

Wearing the Force Amplifier, you boldly step forward...


The Force Amplifier Inventory Upgrade comes with:

  • A printable guide for how to use this upgrade with your Reality Hacker OS journal and everyday manifesting
  • A cheatsheet guide to carry with you in your journal for easy reference
  • A printable collectible to save in your journal and inventory
  • A process to use for your lifetime for powerfully amplifier your manifesting power, precision, speed and ease

Note: This is a digital download


The Force Amplifier is on sale now as an instant download. Get started today. Use it with your Reality Hacker Journal, or on its own.


Playing your life as a game is not only fun; there's real science behind why it improves your manifesting success. Our Reality Hacker OS Upgrades use a proprietary process we call Consciousness Mapping to make manifesting results in specific life areas fun and effortless. Most people struggle with consistency and persistence in their manifesting practice—Consciousness Mapping fixes this by placing triggers throughout your daily life and world, which keep you anchored in the ideal state of consciousness for manifesting your desires. By turning your entire world into a game environment, manifesting becomes easy. Each of our Upgrades focuses on one area of life, providing focused triggers and gameplay that will ensure you succeed.

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