Habit Crusher

Instantly destroy all self-sabotaging habits.

The Habit Crusher is a powerful life-changing tool that can instantly destroy all self-sabotaging habits that keep you away from living your best life with ease. There are plenty of ways that we behave that actually get in our way, and we think we’re powerless against them. Maybe they’re unhealthy temptations that we regularly indulge in. Maybe they’re ways of thinking that we automatically revert to, to protect us from disappointment, or reinforce self-limiting beliefs. Regardless, the Habit Crusher is now in the house, ready to shatter all of those things, which are just illusions. As you smash the habits to smithereens, you’ll realize they were never real to begin with. As they’re gone, you will emerge into your full, unlimited power, which has been waiting beneath the surface all along.

Note: This is an upgrade to the Reality Hacker OS journal. Don't have the journal yet? Start here or use it on its own.


A package arrives at your door. It’s addressed to you, with no return address marked. It’s large, and has a solid weight to it.

You open it, and unwrap many layers of bubble wrap to find a sledge hammer inside. The head is made of a hard substance that seems alien. The handle is polished wood, with the words, “Habit Crusher” burned into it.

A card is inside with only the words, “Slam to release the ties that bind. This mysterious gift will release you from all unhelpful habits and leave you ready to create ties to only those that support your best life.”

You take the Habit Crusher into your hand, and raise it above your head, ready to release its power into your life.


The Habit Crusher Inventory Upgrade comes with:

  • A printable guide for how to use this upgrade with your Reality Hacker OS journal and everyday manifesting
  • A cheatsheet guide to carry with you in your journal for easy reference
  • A printable collectible to save in your journal and inventory
  • A process to use for a lifetime for instantly destroying all self-sabotaging habits

Note: This is a digital download


The Habit Crusher is on sale now as an instant download. Get started today. Use it with your Reality Hacker Journal, or on its own.


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