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Reality Hacker OS Journal - Reality Hacker Co.
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Introducing Reality Hacker OS, the first "choose your own adventure" journal and planner for the law of attraction. It's an operating system for your manifesting—each day you will choose what you want to manifest, then be guided in manifesting it with ease, speed and magic. It's time to play your own game.

What You Get:

  • A 180+ page journal and planner
  • A simple daily, weekly and monthly framework for easy and accelerated manifesting
  • Works for all areas of life and desires
  • Eliminates confusion and overwhelm
  • Turns your life & manifesting into a game
  • Includes our Fail-Proof Manifesting course
  • FOUNDERS PACKAGE: Order now and get exclusive bonuses (scroll to see what they are)
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS: Lifetime access to our monthly Manifesting Mastermind call for support and accountability




Introducing the First "Choose Your Own Adventure" Journal and Planner for the Law of Attraction

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the manifesting methods and techniques? Do you ever wish you just knew what to do when to manifest what you want? Do you ever wish there was an easier, more fail-proof way?

The Reality Hacker OS journal is your answer. Best described as a complete operating system for your manifesting, the Reality Hacker OS journal quite literally turns your life into a law of attraction "choose your own adventure" game. Manifesting has never been so fun and easy. 

Here's how it works:

  • Each day you will open your journal
  • It will ask, "What would you like to manifest today?"
  • From the menu you will choose what you'd most like to manifest that day (we call each desire a Quest)
  • You will be guided in a simple process, designed to manifest that Quest with precision, ease and speed
  • Your day will manifest with effortless magic
  • As you stay committed you will earn points and unlock rewards you set yourself
  • Your life will radically change


What Is It?
The Reality Hacker OS journal and planner is a law of attraction tool that will give you a simple and effective daily framework for manifesting the life you want.

Who Is It For?
This journal is for anyone who desires to manifest with less confusion and overwhelm, and more success and ease.

How Does It Work?
The journal leverages game methodology to make your daily manifesting fun and full of success. It guides you in daily Quests (with points and rewards) that are tailored to your desires and sure to unlock manifesting magic like never before.

How Is It Different?
Most law of attraction journals and planners are just a repeating template of gratitude journaling and affirmations. The Reality Hacker OS journal on the other hand tailors specific to you and your desires. It is a true operating system for your manifesting.

How Long Does It Last?
Duration of use is dependent on how much dedication you apply. It is designed to last 60 days of full use. Lighter use will last longer.

"This isn't like anything I've seen before. It's fun, engaging, and I can't put it down. It really has changed everything for me."



Struggle less, manifest more. The Reality Hacker OS journal and planner comes with:

Choose Your Own Adventure

Everyone is different. Which is why our journal adapts to your desires. You simply choose what you want, and the journal guides you in manifesting it. Simple.

Daily Journaling

Each of your desires is structured as a Quest, which guides you in a simple process of daily journaling and real-world gameplay to help you manifest with ease and magic. This is journaling on steroids.

Weekly & Monthly Planner

In addition to daily Quests, you will be guided in setting weekly and monthly Quests (what you want to manifest each month) that will get you manifesting the life you want with ease.

Gamify Your Life

Turn your life into a game. As you play your daily Quests, you will track results, earn points, and unlock rewards. Momentum with your manifesting has never been so easy (and guaranteed).



The Reality Hacker OS framework puts you at the core of the operating system. You decide the Quest you would like to take each day depending on what you would like to manifest. One journal, endless possibilities.



Here are some commonly asked questions to give you a better understanding of how the journal works.

How Is This Different From Other Journals?

Most law of attraction journals and planners are just a repeating template of gratitude journaling, affirmations and daily checklists. This can be overwhelming, and honestly, not very fun! With the Reality Hacker OS journal on the other hand, you choose your manifesting adventure every single day. When it's fun, it's easy—and more successful!

What Manifesting Techniques Does It Use?

If you've done affirmations, visualizing, journaling, scripting and more, yet feel there must be an easier or more streamlined way, this journal is for you. We've distilled the best of all techniques down into a fast and simple daily process that makes manifesting anything formulaic and certain. We promise manifesting has never felt so simple.

What Can I Manifest With It?

The Reality Hacker OS journal is designed to assist you in manifesting anything you can imagine. Just open to the "what would you like to manifest today" menu page, select a Quest, and follow the simple steps for the day. Each process is designed specific to that outcome, and outcomes cover every area of life you can imagine.

What About My Daily To-Do's?

Turn your to-do's into a game and be more productive than ever! The Reality Hacker OS journal provides a simple framework to integrate your to-do's into your daily manifesting practice and gameplay. Now you will manifest fun, ease and success into every aspect of your life!

Does It Have a Planner?

Yes, the Reality Hacker OS journal has a weekly and monthly planner. However, our approach is different. Instead of listing out endless to-dos and goals you will never achieve, we turn planning into a fun game. 

Does It Help With Accountability?

Yes, the Reality Hacker OS journal makes keeping yourself accountable easy. First, game methodology keeps you engaged and motivated (this is scientifically proven). Second, each week and month you are given a framework to review your progress and make optimizations for better manifesting.

How Do Points & Rewards Work?

Life is more fun (and successful) when it's played like a game. With the Reality Hacker OS journal, you not only earn points as you complete your daily journaling and manifesting, but you set and unlock rewards as you stay consistent and committed. Never before has manifesting the life you want been so fun, failure-proof and accelerated.

Will It Work For Me?

Absolutely. The Reality Hacker OS journal is designed to adapt to you. One powerful aspect of this is feedback loops—by  incorporating feedback loops into your journaling, you build momentum and accelerate your manifesting day over day. Our framework is unique in that it targets what is working and guides you in scaling it.

Are There Blank Pages?

Yes, at the end of the Reality Hacker OS journal are blank bullet journal style pages. This allows you endless possibilities for journaling and manifesting adventures. As we develop the journal we will be releasing new and exciting ways to use the blank pages for your manifesting. The possibilities are literally endless.

Does It Include Any Training?

Yes! We are committed to ensuring you get everything out of this journal (and more), so we've included our Fail-Proof Manifesting course which guides you in:

  • How to manifest anything with our fail-proof journaling process
  • How to eradicate stress, procrastination and overwhelm
  • How to make every day fun, successful and full of flow
  • How to integrate the law of attraction into your daily planning and routine for more accelerated and effortless results


Playing your life as a game is not only fun; there's real science behind why it improves your manifesting success. Games put you in flow state, the state from which manifesting is fastest and most effortless. Rewards release dopamine, which keeps you motivated and happier. Repetition effortlessly develops new habits and mastery. The list goes on. Statistics show gameplay drastically improves your self-efficiency, procedural knowledge, motivation, accountability and success.


Order now and get an exciting set of bonuses as our Founder's Package:

  • A limited-edition Founder's Edition journal
  • Unlimited access to our Player Community group for exclusive challenges, support & accountability ($300 value)
  • Lifetime access to our monthly Manifesting Mastermind call for support and accountability (priceless)
  • $20 cash to use on our manifesting-mastery program, The I Am Experience 
  • You'll lock in 20% off all future journal orders


$49  Now Just $29

While supplies last. Order now and get the Founder's Package.


Our products and experiences consistently receive 5-star reviews and success stories from our customers. We put love, care and a true passion for results into everything we do.

And many, many more...




$49  Now Just $29

While supplies last. Order now and get the Founder's Package.


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So Much Fun

I am having so much fun manifesting with this journal. I can't wait to explore more of Reality Hacker!

Troy S. Krueger
United States United States

I've been doing a gratitude journal for over 2 years now, which has done wonders. Came across the Reality Hacker OS journal and thought it would be cool to try out something new, especially with the gamification experience. I really like how Dave and Michael have put together their entire program and experience model. The onboarding training and the Facebook Group community and support along with how detailed and engaged they are with everything for your manifestation journey. I started my Reality Hacker OS journal on March 1, 2021 and manifested $2.8M in funding for my business projects in 13 days. Come play with us and BEND REALITY! ✨

United States United States
This brings new focus and reassurance to each day

I've been using the journal for 16 days now, and I'm seeing a difference in my stress and anxiety--it's so reassuring to visualize what I'm accomplishing, even if it hasn't "happened" yet. LOVING the different quests (although I have a few favorites) and my accountability partner. I wasn't sure what to expect when I purchased the journal, but I'm really happy with it and it's a lot of fun. Each day, I'm eager to develop my new quest. The quotes at the bottom of each quest entry are great, too.

United States United States
Focus Master

This is an amazing tool to focus your goals and tasks and your thoughts. The fact that it is fun only adds to the process. It helps you find the hidden beliefs holding you back and release them. If your looking for both motivation and insight into your inner thoughts this is the tool for you,

Justine “.
United States United States
✨✨✨✨✨Powers To The Players ✨✨✨✨✨

I really appreciate the systems focus of having the objective in the forefront of your mind at all times while still actively refining the steps along the way in gamification format. Once you’ve sharpened the process, anything that you have the inspiration to go after as a real manifestation is never out of touch. I’m grateful to have found this system. Another very cool feature is the addition of the power ups and how the use of them will allow you to gain a intention edge. My only wish is that the game add ons be all made digital and incorporated like the audio power ups. I bought a habit hacking add on and I still gotta test it.



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